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Upcoming rides, anyone to join?

So here comes the next season and the rides are already filling up. Pardee and Death ride are already full and closed. So here's a few that I'm looking at doing. Anyone else have any interest?

When What Cost How mean
April 25Chico Wildflower$55Moderate
May 15Lodi Sunrise Century$45Easy
May 16Strawberry Century$50Moderate
June 5Sierra Century$606500 in 100
June 13Tour de Cure, Silicon Valley$25 + $175+donationModerate
June 26Solstice Century$6013K in 130mi
Aug 21Holstein 100?3K in 100
Sept 18High Sierra Century$455K in 100
Oct ?Grizzly?11K in 100mi
Oct ?Condor$50 (+/-)4.5K in 100mi
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