Aleece Hoffmann (aleeceh) wrote in sunday_drivers,
Aleece Hoffmann

Ride on Sunday?

So, elhoff and I have these spiffy new trikes, and we're havin' fun ridin' 'em around Davis. We've taken them around the Davis Bike Loop twice now, and I can't begin to express how delighted I am with being able to pedal around for miles with none of the several physical discomforts that regular bicycling causes me, and consequently being able to finish a 12-mile ride with gas left in the tank!

So we thought it might be fun to take our new rigs up to Sac and ride around on the American River Trail a bit this weekend. We were thinkin' Sunday, maybe starting off about 9:30, going about 10-20 miles? Besides sharing the fun, and showing off the hardware, we could use a native guide, and suggestions for where to park and meet up and such. We've only been out there riding a couple of times ever, and it's been several years. So, anyone interested?

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