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2011 Schedule [27 Jan 2011|09:49pm]

I'll be reposting this to Facebook as well...

April 2 - Party Pardee, Sacramento (closed)
April 16 - Tierra Bella, San Jose
April 16 - Cycle for Sight
April 30 SLO Wildflower, San Louis Obispo
May 1 - Chico Wildflower, Chico
May 7 - Tour of the Unknown Coast, Humboldt County
May 14 - Lodi Sunrise Century, Lodi
May 15 - Strawberry Fields, Santa Cruz
June 5 - AMBBR, Lake Tahoe
June 11 - Sierra Century, Placer County
June 11 - Alta Alpina Challenge, Markleeville
June 12 - Tour de Cure - San Jose
June 26 - Summer Solstice Century, Quincy
July 9 - Death Ride, Markleeville (closed)
August 7 - Tour de Peninsula, Redwood City
August 7 - Mt. Shasta Mega Century, Shasta
September 10 - High Sierra Fall Century, Mammoth
September 11 - Tour de Tahoe / Bike Big Blue, Lake Tahoe
September 24 - Tahoe Sierra Century, Lake Tahoe
October 1 - Grizzly Century, Northfork
October 22 - Condor Classic, Pinnacles Nat. Park.
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The 2011 rides are upon us [27 Jan 2011|09:23pm]

Hey, anyone still here and still interested in doing some riding? I'm going through the schedule for 2011 and we've missed registration for Death Ride (oh there's a shock, it was full in 30 minutes!), but there's plenty more....

any riders left?
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Saturday Ride... [10 Dec 2010|10:24am]

Kevin and I are planning to ride the American River Bike trail in Sacramento tomorrow. If you're local or in town, interested, let us know. I'm thinking will start around late morning or noon.
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Riding next weekend and jerseys [30 Mar 2010|06:17pm]

So next weekend my friend Melissa and I will be riding up Highway 1 out of Santa Cruz, headed for Swanton, probably further.  Anyone care to join us?  Send an email and I'll smuggle you the details of the where and when.

Also, I've got my eye on jerseys.  Now, frankly, I realize the Sacto riding group is most of the way to dead, and that Duncan and I are the only ones still getting out there regularly (Duncan far more so than I), so perhaps this is just a leftover, but...  if I commission Mr. R K Milholland of <a href="/www.somethingpositive.net">Something Positive</a> to do us a logo (which will involve cash and  enough rum to fog his mind), would anyone here be interested in a jersey?
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Sacramento Tweed Ride [28 Mar 2010|04:08pm]

[ mood | Charmed ]

I don't know if anyone participated in this, but I thought you might get a kick out of the photos:


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Upcoming rides, anyone to join? [06 Feb 2010|03:51pm]

So here comes the next season and the rides are already filling up. Pardee and Death ride are already full and closed. So here's a few that I'm looking at doing. Anyone else have any interest?

When What Cost How mean
April 25Chico Wildflower$55Moderate
May 15Lodi Sunrise Century$45Easy
May 16Strawberry Century$50Moderate
June 5Sierra Century$606500 in 100
June 13Tour de Cure, Silicon Valley$25 + $175+donationModerate
June 26Solstice Century$6013K in 130mi
Aug 21Holstein 100?3K in 100
Sept 18High Sierra Century$455K in 100
Oct ?Grizzly?11K in 100mi
Oct ?Condor$50 (+/-)4.5K in 100mi
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Iron Horse Trail invite [08 Nov 2009|01:25pm]

Hi all,

I just moved to Walnut Creek and, seeing as how I am 20 feet from the Iron Horse Trail, I'd like to put out an open invite to anyone who would like to bike this 18-mile route with me sometime (probably there and back again to make it a little more strenuous)!


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ARBT Cyclist Attacked [24 Sep 2009|12:46pm]

[ mood | disgusted ]

The article says this was an isolated incident, but a commenter is aware of two others. Be careful out there, especially when riding solo.

Attack on bicyclist spurs warning on American River bike trail - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

ETA: Further detail added in a comment.

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We are riding again tomorrow - Jibboom to Fair Oaks [30 May 2009|02:56pm]

We are planning to ride again tomorrow.

I am planning to depart from Jibboom Street between Old Sac and Discovery Park at 9:30.

Planning to ride to Fair Oaks Blvd, or Guy West Bridge.

Route here:  maps.google.com/maps/ms

This will be about 15-17 miles depending on where we turn around.  We arelikely to go a bit slower than last weekend due to the longer distance.

Parking in this area can be tough, so start time is approximate.  Looks like may be able to park at the Yolo County Park across the river and ride back across the I-Street bridge.

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Yay, Bike Ride! [24 May 2009|04:16pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Many thanks to duncan_blkthrne and khanfused for meeting us out at William Pond Park this morning and showing us around the trail a bit. elhoff and I really enjoyed the ride, and we could hardly have had nicer weather for it. We definitely want to do more like that in the near future. Now we have a better idea of the timing and logistics involved in getting ourselves and our trikes there, and we think we could probably make it there for 9:30 AM starts by getting up at 7, which isn't too painful.

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Ride on Sunday? [22 May 2009|05:59pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

So, elhoff and I have these spiffy new trikes, and we're havin' fun ridin' 'em around Davis. We've taken them around the Davis Bike Loop twice now, and I can't begin to express how delighted I am with being able to pedal around for miles with none of the several physical discomforts that regular bicycling causes me, and consequently being able to finish a 12-mile ride with gas left in the tank!

So we thought it might be fun to take our new rigs up to Sac and ride around on the American River Trail a bit this weekend. We were thinkin' Sunday, maybe starting off about 9:30, going about 10-20 miles? Besides sharing the fun, and showing off the hardware, we could use a native guide, and suggestions for where to park and meet up and such. We've only been out there riding a couple of times ever, and it's been several years. So, anyone interested?

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Buncha affordable upcoming rides [28 Mar 2009|11:43pm]

Here's a list of upcoming rides. I'm already set on a few of these, considering all the rest.

April 4: Pardee Party, Sacramento
April 18: Terra Bella, Gilroy
April 19: Primavera Century, Freemont
May 3: Grizzly Peak Century, Moraga
May 17: Strawberry Fields, Watsonville
June 27: Solstice Century, Quincy
July 18: Fall River Century, Fall River Mills
July 25: Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge
Aug 2: Shasta Century, Weed
Aug 15: Holstein Hundred, Marin
Sept 12: High Sierra Fall Century, Mammoth
Oct 10: Condor Classic, Hollister
Oct ?: Grizzly, Northfork
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Strawberry Fields Forever Century in Santa Cruz County [25 Mar 2009|03:35pm]

We’re doing this nice ride through South Santa Cruz County on May 17th. The metric is a good fun one with some vicious little devils of climbs (4,000 ft), but no big, screamin’ demon mountains unless you sign on for the full century (6,000+ ft), which goes up to the summit. Considering the metric is less climbing than the Pardee Party (4150 ft.), I’m predicting fun. It was quite good last year, even if the metric was all I could manage with a late start due to working the registration desk.

So, who else is in? Come out come out wherever you are...
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Saturday Morning Easy Ride - Roll Call [13 Mar 2009|12:37pm]

For all who are interested, I'm putting together an easy group ride tomorrow morning.

Details!Collapse )

Reply if you wanna join us so we know to look for you.
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Condor Classic 2009 [02 Mar 2009|03:55pm]

It's back.  The 2nd Annual Condor Classic is scheduled for October 10, 2009.  Registration is now open.  I had a great time on this ride last year despite the two blown tires.  Who's in?

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And a second Sunday Driver is registered for Party Pardee [21 Jan 2009|12:43pm]

So who else is with us?
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2009 Ride Schedule - Preliminary [24 Nov 2008|07:33pm]

C'mon, join me for one of these!Collapse )
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Attn Condor Riders and Motel 6 folks [30 Sep 2008|09:48pm]

Just sent an email to all that I know are coming down to Holister / Pinnacles.  We need to straighten out all our room arrangements as it seems like things are getting fluid on who is in what room and I'd like to finalize what room Carrissa and I are in, with how many beds, and to make sure it's a non-smoking, dog-friendly room.

Please respond and we'll get this down before we boogie down in San Benito.

Post ride we're gonna want beer, aren't we?  Lambec and cider? Heh-heh-heh...
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Condor Classic Jerseys [10 Sep 2008|06:20pm]

[ mood | chipper ]


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High Sierra Fall Century - Aftermath [07 Sep 2008|11:25pm]

I've posted a detailed account of the ride in my journal. I'm told it's rather amusing.
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